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Materials and Metallurgy domain is highly positioned in the French and European manufactured industries. It is at the heart of major societal expectations that should be met by innovation, supported by high standard academic and industrial research and development. Today innovation is also necessary to keep a strong industry and recover from the weak economic situation.

SF2M Annual Conference is a place where academia and industry meet for discussions on scientific topics for improvement of materials and metallic alloys.


This year, “Thermal transfer” and “Mechanics” was the common keywords of symposia, combining experiments and modelling on fundamental topics essential for industry:

Symposium 1: Modelling of Rolling Processes 1 Symposium 2: Thermophysical and thermochemical properties 2
Symposium 3: Solid state phase transformations 3   Symposium 4: Fabrication of architectured materials: a top/down approach. 4


These symposia were the first ones for the newly created committees on “rolling” and “architectured materials”.





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